• Euroflora 2018 is an event with limited places, the overall crowd capacity is of 20 thousand people per day.
  • Press passes shall be reserved for journalists holding a current valid Press card visiting the event for work purposes only. For associates and photographers/camera operators not holding a valid card of the Association, it is necessary to apply for a pass, signed by the editor in chief. Forms must be sent to
  • Applications will be evaluated by the press office.
  • Pre-accreditation is fundamental for the access to the event, based on the residual crowd capacity of the day.
  • The dedicated press day is Friday, 20 April from 09:00 to 19:30.
  • You must choose the day for which you want your press pass. Applications must be explained and sent to
  • Passes will be available at the welcome desk located at the park entrance, starting on 20 April.
  • For those presenting themselves without a press pass the welcome desk will manage the application based on the residual capacity of the day.
  • Please remember that private vehicle access is forbidden in the area, therefore from 21 April to 6 May, press pass holders, or holders of other documents allowing for entry, valid for that day can freely use the transport services arranged by the event organisers:
  • The two-way shuttle bus service from the parking area of Piazzale Kennedy to the Genova Brignole train station
  • Two-way train service on the local line from Genova-Voltri to Genova-Nervi
  • The two-way shuttle bus service from the parking area reserved for tourist buses in Corso Europa, Nervi


Welcome to Euroflora 2018 media area, where you can download the press release and other materials shared during the press conference held to present the new Euroflora: