How to get there

Euroflora will only be reachable by public transport. The clients of hotels in Nervi having an inner parking area will have available a dedicated pass (to be requested at the hotel). Shuttle buses will connect the intermodal parking areas in town (Piazzale Kennedy) to the Genova Brignole railway station and Corso Europa (where tourist coaches will be parked) directly to the flower show. Find the easiest route to Genova Brignole railway station on the AMT website (link). From Genova Brignole railway station, you can catch a train to Genova Nervi, which is just 150 m away from the Euroflora entrance. All these public transport services in town are included in the Euroflora ticket price. Dedicated parking areas will be available for visitors with disabilities near the Parks of Nervi (while parking places last).


The train is the easiest means to reach Parchi di Nervi. The station of Genova Nervi is 150 metres from the main entrance to Euroflora (via Eros da Ros). Ticketholders for Euroflora, can use the train for free in the metropolitan area from Genova Voltri to Genova Nervi. The frequency of the trains from Genova Brignole to Genova Nervi and back, during event opening times, are approximately every fifteen minutes, bank holidays included.


The reserved parking area for tourist buses is in Corso Europa, 147 spaces with a free shuttle bus service to Nervi (beginning of Via Oberdan). The recommended motorway exit is Genova Nervi. Other parking areas, for which the recommended exit is Genova-Est, are to be found in Piazzale Kennedy (zona Fiera) with free shuttle bus service to the station of Genova Brignole. The parking fee for buses in both areas is 50 Euros.


At the beginning of Via Oberdan (where city and shuttle buses arrive) there will be a special vehicle service organised by ANPAS (Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze – National Public Assistance Association), run in partnership with the volunteers of the Protezione Civile (Civil Protection), taking visitors to the reserved entrance of Via Capolungo (Galleria d’Arte Moderna – Modern Art Gallery), near the “Mobility Point”.

By train. We advise checking the schedule for appropriately equipped train service. Info:

By car. For disabled persons, both drivers and with caretakers, holding a special disability badge, there are reserved parking spaces in Via Oberdan, Via Casotti and in Via Capolungo. Disabled visitors have reserved access to Euroflora through the entrance of the Galleria di Arte Moderna.

Electric scooter and wheelchair rental. Inside the Parchi, near the entrance located by the Galleria di Arte Moderna (in Via Capolungo), is a “Mobility Point” managed by the cooperative La Cruna. This is a pre-booked service only, please contact: 010 2465517 (Monday to Friday, from 9 to 13) or 329 138 6790.


From Genoa airport, visitors can reach the Genova Sestri Ponente railway station by bus “I24” or take the shuttle bus “Volabus” to reach the Genova Brignole railway station in 20 minutes. From there, they can continue by train to Genova Nervi (the railway station is 150 metres far from the entrance to the flower show). Please open this link to find the public transport timetables from the airport to Genoa city centre.


Regardless where you come from, the advised parking area is Piazzale Kennedy (zona Fiera), connected to the station of Genova Brignole with a free shuttle bus. The daily parking fee is 10 Euros. Clients booked in with hotels located in Nervi having their own parking areas, may access by showing their hotel reservation to the Polizia Municipale upon entry to the area.


Routes 15 and 17 directly connect the city centre with Nervi. On the Amt website, can calculate the easiest route for the station of Genova Brignole.


Parking is in Piazzale Kennedy (zona Fiera), connected to the station of Genova Brignole with a free shuttle bus service. The daily parking fee is 20 Euros. It is expressly forbidden to carry out any camping activities.


Taxi drivers in Genova will have fixed fares for the main routes to and from Nervi, shortly available at You can get close to the main entrances of the event by taxi and leave from the temporary parking areas specially located for Euroflora. Genova Radio Taxi Service (tel:. +39 010 5966) can offer vehicles suitable for the transportation of disabled or mobility impaired people.


Connection by sea, Genova Porto Antico Calata Mandraccio – Genova Nervi
Departures from Genova Porto Antico (Calata Mandraccio) to Genova Nervi: 10:00am and 2:00pm
Return trips from Genova Nervi to Genova Porto Antico: 6:00pm
Fares from Genova Porto Antico to Genova Nervi: Round trip, adult fare: € 15, single trip (adult fare) or discounted round-trip ticket: € 10. The rate is discounted for children aged 5 to 14.
Info: +39 0185 772091 Facebook @golfoparadisosnc
You may choose to continue to three other destinations: Camogli, San Fruttuoso, Portofino.
General conditions: A minimum number of passengers are required for the ferry to leave. The service is provided when sea and weather conditions are deemed by the skipper to be safe. Any changes and/or suspensions due to unfavourable weather conditions, or due to operational or technical reasons, will be displayed on the timetable of the Genova Porto Antico boarding point. The company “Golfo Paradiso snc” will not pay any indemnity or reimbursement for any delays or partial suspensions of the service due to weather conditions and/or due to force majeure, whatever the causes. The service is provided when sea and weather conditions are favourable.