06/03/2018 - Press release

Between innovation and tradition, the spectacle which is Euroflora is destined to make the city of Genoa and the region of Liguria ambassadors across Europe in the culture of beauty and landscape. Thanks to the involvement of the best professionals in the field, the Parchi di Nervi is the location where, from 21 April to 6 May, visitors can admire the most beautiful plants and flowers on the market, as well as current trends in floriculture. Genoa will become the host of what, for all intents and purposes, could be considered the “green” Olympics.

Italian and foreign flower growers, nursery men, horticulturalists, fruit farmers, florists, flower arrangers, landscape artists will challenge each other with their creations in 240 competitions divided into honour, aesthetic and technical competitions, created to showcase and award the best and most excellent results reached in the fields of greenery and landscaping. The honour competitions, which are of particular interest for the national and international prestige they bring, are aimed at rewarding the most beautiful individual or collective presentations created in the different exhibition areas. The aesthetic competitions, instead, reward beauty, originality and artistry in the presentation of the plants exhibited, and, in the 2018 edition of Euroflora, this takes on particular relevance because of the park setting in which the expo is being held. The technical competitions are aimed at rewarding the high quality, vigour and originality of flowers, shrubs and trees on display. An ad hoc competition will reward the presentation areas which will be best kept by the exhibitors for the entire duration of the event. In addition to the traditional competitions, this year has seen the addition of “Wonder in the Parks” the competition reserved for landscape artists, architects, creatives and designers, created thanks to the partnership with AIAPP – Associazione Italiana Architettura del Paesaggio [The Italian Landscape Design Association].

The Panel and Prizes

The panels of judges shall be made up of the most qualified experts in the industry and shall be called to express their evaluation based on specific skills, and will work behind closed doors on the eve of the public opening of the event. The total value of the prizes is 133,700 euros divided as follows:

  • Honour awards in cash;
  • Cash prizes with certificates and gold and silver medals for aesthetic and technical competitions;
  • Cash prizes for the special section at the end of the event.

Regulations and the competition booklet can be found online.