Euroflora 2018 Red Wave

BEAUTIFUL, REVOLUTIONARY AND SUSTAINABLE: All the numbers from Euroflora 2018

07/05/2018 - Press release, News

After sixteen days, Euroflora 2018, the longest ever, came to a close yesterday in Genoa. New spaces, for the first time in the Parks and in the Museums of Nervi, a new design set up, rigorous in respecting the locations and aimed at harmonizing the specimens of the existing arboreal heritage with the specimens of the participating nursery gardeners, the beautiful garden scenographies, the colorful blooms and the works of art exhibited in the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in the Raccolte Frugone and at the Wolfsoniana with the floral compositions and the cut flowers. The ways to access it were new, the area was closed to private traffic, only reachable with public transportation, the main method being the train. Those who have visited Euroflora have experienced a unique experience in our country, in line with the new European trends in the field of flower exhibitions.

Tickets: In total the tickets sold have been 246,095. Five sold out days, Sunday 22, Wednesday 25, Saturday 28, Sunday 29 and Monday, April 30. 


The estimated total of visitors was 285,000.  The number, in addition to the tickets sold, keeps in consideration free admissions for children up to 8 years of age, disabled individuals (100%) and their caretakers, service passes and accredited journalist passes often entering more than once. Museum admissions. 92,335 total visitors, of which 43,768 at the Raccolte Frugone; 32,915 at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna and 15,652 at the Wolfsoniana.  The record day was April 30 with 7581 visitors.


250 floriculturists, florist masters, floral decorators and designers. Foreign presence hailing from: France, Spain, Taiwan, China, United States together with a representation of the Consular Corps with 56 countries present.
The event received the support of theCompagnia di San Paolo” for the Parks interventions as well as the support of the official partner Iren, official sponsor Basko, and the official carrier Trenitalia. The contribution of other sponsors was significant including the one from Msc, Gruppo Spinelli, Fincantieri, Novelli Group, Toyota with the participation also of the friends of Euroflora, specifically: Banca Passadore, Clinica Montallegro and Farmacie Genovesi Zentiva.

Guided tours.

A total of almost 1,400 people have participated to the guided tours, the record day was May 3 with 135 people with the busiest period being in the morning.

Catering and Food Excellence

Catering. There were 13 rest venues of various sizes, which included also the Stella nei Parchirestaurant with the participation of the starred Chef Ivano Ricchebono.
Among the products served: 14,700 kg of Genoa focaccia, 12,000 portions of Recco cheese focaccia, 3,800 kg of trofie, 4,500 kg of ice cream, 3,800 single servings of freshly cooked confectionary products, and 40 pallets of water. The restaurant “La Stella nei Parchi”, featuring the starred Chef Ivano Ricchebono’s cuisine was always full. 200 individuals working in the catering services.

Refined tastes. Euroflora featured three new recipes: The narcissus of Antola bon bon created by Pietro Romanengo son of the late Stefano; Rosa Brillante, the sparkling ancient-rose soda created by Vedova Romanengo and the Euroflora 2018 dish created by the starred Chef Ivano Ricchebono with pesto and edible flowers.


Trenitalia. Trenitalia was the main method of transportation to reach Euroflora and no particular issue was recorded despite 15,000 people a day traveled through the small Nervi station. 110 round-trip trains on the Genova Brignole-Genova Nervi route traveled on top days always at full load. The railway service was strengthened with 52 connections between Genova – Voltri and Genova – Nervi and 2 extraordinary trains Milan – Genova with 60 people in the train stations of Principe, Brignole and Nervi engaged in assistance and information services to ensure an orderly and safe flow. 20 people in the Operations Center of Teglia and 6 RFI (Italian Railway Network) technicians in Nervi were there to ensure prompt intervention.

AMT. 12, 18-meter shuttles with a capacity of 150 people operated between Corso Europa and Via Oberdan with trips every minute and a half and 6, 12-meter buses transported 110 persons every 2-3 minutes from piazzale Kennedy to the Brignole train station. In addition to inspectors and drivers on the “field”, 6 people were involved in the AMT operations center to monitor transportation to Euroflora.  

Tour bus parking in Corso Europa. 1,071 tour buses have found a spot in Corso Europa from April 21 to May 6. The record day was April 22 with 151 buses. In total, 20 buses came from France.

Piazzale Kennedy Parking: 6,066 parked cars, 257 campers, 51 tour buses. The busiest day for cars was April 30 with 705 cars, for campers and bus April 29 with 37 and 8, respectively.

Recco. On holidays and pre-holiday days, the 230 parking spaces for visitors to Euroflora were completely full, while they were 75% full on other days.

Battellieri Golfo Paradiso. 354 people chose the boat tour departing from Porto Antico.

Helicopter. 343 went on the Novaris panoramic flight over Parks and/or the panoramic flight over the city, from Porto Antico to Forti. 470 people in the waiting list. Among the passengers, a couple celebrating the 63rd wedding anniversary and, yesterday, six young patients in treatment at the Istituto Giannina Gaslini and a couple who celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary with their first flight ever.

The work

Service staff. Monitoring the access gate there were 80 people, 40 operators checked the admission tickets. 4 people were added to strengthen security for the works of art installed in the Germinations, chili peppers by Giuseppe Carta, and Maze of poppies by Alain Micquiaux.

Students performing work experience alternated to school 200, subdivided over multiple shifts; the students hailed from the GB Marsano di SantIlario Agricultural Institute, already employed in the mounting and then maintenance project and now of dismantling along with the organization. In charge of providing information in multiple languages there were 35 students of the Higher Education Institute E. Montale. The students of the Hospitality and Catering institutes Nino Bergese and Marco Paolo prepared the cakes for the more than 900 guests of the gala dinner hosted at the Magazzini del Cotone (Cotton Warehouses). The students of Klee-Barabino designed the postcard for the “Solidarity Award” at the UNICEF Orchidea.

Volunteers. 38 volunteers (among those who participated to the search of the Municipality of Genoa) to assist visitors inside the Museums, 120 volunteers of the Civil Protection and Anpas, including 10 youths seeking asylum. At the arrival, in the bus parking, many volunteers were busy welcoming the arriving groups to direct them towards the AMT shuttles.

AMIU. From April 3 to May 26, the teams made of 20 staff members and drivers were on duty 3 shifts per day

ASTER. From April 3 to May 26, the teams of 20 workers and technicians were on duty for two shifts on work days and 3 shifts on weekends


Carabinieri, State Police, and Guardia di Finanza. 50 people on two shifts, to guarantee the security of the visitors, among coordinators, patrols and dog units. A golden retriever trained to search for explosives intervened twice to check small abandoned bags. Inside the park no complaints were made.

City Police. 97 among Police Commissioners and Municipal Police were on duty on two shifts in Nervi

Lost and found: 21 children, 1 stuffed toy rabbit, 32 identity documents in addition to other various forgotten belongings

Fire-fighters: 4 vehicles and 17 units on service in two work shifts. 10 interventions, especially to secure tree canopies damaged by the wind.

Emergency services and assistance

The 118 emergency service had placed 4 ambulances in the strategic locations: in front of the Nervi train station and along via Casotti and via Capolungo, coordinated with 6 teams of on-foot paramedics. 315 patients visited, no code red, 42 people sent to the hospital.

Local Health Unit 3 of Genoa It was present at the event with a mobile clinic located in viale delle Palme and performed routine interventions.

Anpas Shuttles Oberdan/viale delle Palme/Gam available to people with mobility disabilities: with the use of two vehicles an average of 100 people were transported back and forth, for a total of 1,662 passengers.

Mobility point. 530 people used personal mobility aids.

The Materials

Set up: 15,000 sq. meters of grass rolls, 14,000 red daisies for the Red Wave, 430 photiniae for the maze, 10,000 between solanum jasminoides and lithodora blue, 1,500 meters of jute, 1,440 sq. meters of red carpet. More than 150 portable toilets and three baby change stations. 4 kilometers of hoses to water the parks, 25 LED lamps each providing more than 50,000 lumens.

Art installations: 21 chili peppers in resin and bronze created by the Sardinia-born sculptor Giuseppe Carta, 23 the Coquelicots sospendus (poppies) by Alain Micquiaux.

Maintenance: 13,500 work hours in 17 days, 5,000 sq. meters of lawn for the substitutions of the walkable areas, 1,200 solanum jasminoides plants, 300 lithodora blue for the entrance frame, and 565 Kalanchoe plants. In regard to the floral compositions they were maintained and renewed daily, using in part the blooms conserved in the 3 container fridges made available by the organization. The blooms were monitored and maintained every day by the organization and individual exhibitors.

The events and communication

Inauguration. The inauguration of the event, held on Friday, April 20, at 5:00 p.m., saw the performance of Alessia Cotta Ramusino with the song “Iris Fields”, the ribbon cutting by the robot Pepper of the School of Robotics, and was dedicated to Unicef with the choir of the International School of Genoa and the Solidarity Award to the Unicef Orchestra.

Twinning: Euroflora 2018 is twinned with the Expo 2019 Beijing that will take place from April 29 to July 10, 2019. Theme of the event “Live green live better

Dedication: the 11th edition of Euroflora was dedicated to the Giannina Gaslini Institute

Events. The events organized inside the parks were 84, among which there were workshops, shows, tastings, meetings, conventions, artistic performances, showcooking, awards and solar observations. The night of Thursday April 26, Rotary guests, the Primi Ballerini of La Scala Sabrina Brazzo and Andrea Volpintesta performed.

Accredited press: 925 journalists and cameramen including from France, Switzerland, Germany and Great Britain attended the event.

TV appearance: Newspapers and RAI TV channels ensured constant and detailed coverage and plenty of space in the columns of magazines such as Sì Viaggiare and Officina Italia, under the care of News and Gr reporters and the editorial office of Tgr Liguria as well as through the participation in a variety of TV programs (Unomattina, Unomattina in famiglia, Geo & Geo, Lineaverde, Lineablu, la Vita in diretta, and Marypop). Mediaset was present with its national News reporters through Tgcom 24 (kids TV) and with an appearance on Pomeriggio 5 and Mattino 5). LA7 followed the event with Propaganda Live on occasion of the visit of Parliamentarian Salvini. Primocanale, Telenord and Telegenova ensured constant coverage of Euroflora. Salvini.

Primocanale, Telenord and Telegenova ensured constant coverage of Euroflora.

Internet and social networks presence: 611,000 unique visitors, 976,000 sessions, 2,232,000 page visits on the website The Facebook Eurofloraofficial account has had 20.7 million impressions (up to May 5) and 20,000 fans, on Instagram 21,500 photos were shared with the hashtag #Euroflora2018 with over 765,000 impressions.